Seaguar GrandMAX Tippet

Item #GL001

Seaguar 'Grand Max' Fluorocarbon: Smallest diameter, strongest flouorocarbon tippet-leader material we have ever used. In field testing this product we found that it not only lived up to its claim (super-strength), but also has low memory so it relaxes and straightens out nicely when pulled through your fingers, 97% knot strength, true diamteters. sizes 8x(1.9lb), 7x(2.6lb), 6x(3.7lb), 5x(4.8lb), 4x(7lb), 3x(9.2lb), 2x(12.5lb), 1x(14.5lb), 01x(18.5lb), 03x(25.3lb). 25-mtr spool.

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