Loon 'Shark Tooth' Tippet Control System

Item #GT005

LOON "SHARK TOOTH" TIPPET CONTROL SYSTEM - AWESOME GADGET! Simply slip the Shark Tooth's elastic band around tippet spool, thread tippet through the brass grommet, and you're ready. Pull tippet out as needed, wrap tippet around the Shark Tooth to cut it via the Shark Tooth's concealed stainless-steel razor, leaves the same perfect tag end every time for your next extraction. Eliminates tippet waste, saves time spent looking for nippers or using your teeth. SPECIFY SIZE: (1)BLUE (fits Umpqua, Frog Hair, Orvis etc.), (2)RED (fits Rio, Maxima etc.) 2-pack

Starting At: $4.95

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