Rising Rigging Station

Item #GT746

NEW! The "RIGGING STATION" conveniently organizes the most frequently used items when fly fishing from any type of watercraft, eliminating the need to wear a neck lanyard. The Tippet-Rod easily holds up to 9-spools of tippet. 4 built-in best-quality zingers using spectra shock cord hold small and large floatant caddies (included), a swivel alligator clip (included) holds flies of all sizes and makes tying on flies faster and easier, and one other tool of your choice - ideal for your nipper. 2 ripple foam fly patches located on each side keep most often used flies at the ready, and a built in top storage pocket keeps hemo's, pliers and rigging tools within easy reach. MOUNTING BRACKET offers a multitude of attachment options for all kinds of boats and watercrafts. Construction is unbreakable-strength Injection Molded Polycarbonate. Designed and tested on the Green river, and made in Utah, LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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