New Zealand "Wool Strike Indicator/Tool System"

Item #HD152

NEW ZEALAND WOOL "STRIKE INDICATOR TOOL" SYSTEM - There's never been an easier or more effective system for attaching yarn-type indicators. You'll instantly fall in love with this wonderfully simplistic tool/system just like I did (Bob). YARN INDICATORS detect strikes better, cast easier, and land softer than any clunky foam or plastic indicators. This STRIKE INDICATOR TOOL is a system that allows for fast, reliable attachment of any yarn-type indicator material, easy removal or adjustments to change depth, and won't damage the leader. The tool's hook grabs the leader, and a small piece of tubing slides into place over the leader (forming a loop), then fastens yarn in place when you pull the leader taut (see drawing). Comes with lots of extra tubing which can be re-used over & over again PLUS naturally buoyant NEW ZEALAND WOOL in White & Chartreuse. Tool hangs from your vest by a built-in lanyard loop, pre-loaded w/ multiple sections of tubing, ready for action. BEST EVER OF ITS KIND.

New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool from Barry Dombro on Vimeo.

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