Crocodile Complete Fishing Tool

Item #HF655

CROCODILE CLICK-LOCK COMPLETE FLY FISHING TOOL by Rising. Custom "Croc" jaws (teeth) are magnetic to easily hold small flies, and the grooves allow for a secure hold on all hooks. Circular opening protects fly bodies from the jaws when they are being removed from a fish or a snag. The FLAT middle part of the jaws make a great de-barber. The back GROOVED section of the jaws are great to grab & crimp split-shot. The very back of the jaws have super-sharp blades for all types of mono. Croc's are 6", machined & hand-lathed from AISI 420 stainless steel, with rubber-coated easy-grip handles. New INTERNAL SPRING opens the tool wider and is incredibly smooth.

Starting At: $25.95

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