Lippa Usa C&R Tool

Item #HL977

LIPPA USA CATCH & RELEASE TOOLS ARE TROUT SAFE! Lippa USA is now slightly larger for easier handling, and machined in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum with a Type-3 hard anodized finish. Rounded edges throughout make this new LIPPA TOOL completely fish friendly for salt or freshwater species - including trout. A new internal spring keeps the jaws open (at the ready). Operation is butter smooth. So easy to carry, 8-inches long, WEIGHS A MERE 4-OUNCES!! LIPPA's minimally intrusive arms securely hold the lower jaw of any fish. Jaws leave a 1/8" gap in the closed position insuring a healthy release. The tips of the jaws are rounded and enlarged to prevent slippage, and the overall shape accommodates all mouth styles. A large hole for lanyard attachment. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Red, (3)Blue, (4)Orange.

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