The Hardy St. George

Item #HY103

STEEPED IN HISTORY. INTRODUCING: THE HARDY ST. GEORGE FLY REEL: The HARDY 'St. George' is simply steeped in history. Named for the Patron Saint of England, Hardy St. George reels were first introduced in 1911 to extend the Hardy range of fly reels and as a complement to their 'Perfect' reel series (which Hardy reintroduced last year-item HY102 on our website). The first reels were offered in mid to large sizes, but in 1920 the popular 3" was introduced, followed by the 2 9/16" St. George 'Junior' in 1928. The series was in production, with some variations in design and finish, until 1982. The St. George reels were built in smaller numbers than the 'Perfects' were, especially in the smaller trout sizes. This may have been due to the fact that the St. George series was more expensive then the corresponding 'Perfects'. Today, a 3" or 'Junior' in good condition is a treasure, prized by anglers and collectors alike. The St. George reels combine all the desirable features that have distinguished Hardy Fly Reels for well over a century: Rugged construction, flawless performance, butter-smooth adjustable click-check (drag), classic good looks, and pride of ownership. The new St. George reels are made in the Hardy factory in Alnwick, England. The only change from the early reels is the use of bar stock aluminum construction, rather than the older and less durable cast aluminum. Otherwise, all components are true to the originals; marine brass and nickel silver, traditional natural agate line guards, and 'Ivorine' handle. With the reintroduction of the St. George series, anglers who have dreamed of owning one of these beautiful reels can now have one to fish and enjoy for years to come, and then pass down to future generations. Available in choice of two anodized finishes, (1)Black, (2)Spitfire-Grey. Specify left or right-hand retreive.

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