McKnight's Home Invader

Item #JF448

McKnight's HOME INVADER You may remember seeing this pattern in the April 2010 issue of Fly Fisherman magazine. Designed by Doug McKnight (, the Home Invader was created to imitate common prey species for a wide variety of predatory gamefish. if it eats a smaller fish, you can count on this fly getting eaten! When wet, this fluffy streamer slicks up into a perfect baitfish silhouette, and with the natural materials, becomes alive in the water. Predatory fish react accordingly, and the "takes" can be downright jaw dropping! Our buddy Kurt from Illinois turned us onto this pattern after unbelievable results, this is a must have streamer that we are all adding to our arsenal! COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Olive/Grizzly, (3)Tan-Dace, (4)White, (5)Yellow/Grizzly. SIZES: 2, 6.

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