Bonefish Fly PATTERNS: Revised 2ND Edition by Dick Brown

Item #KB114

BONEFISH FLY PATTERNS: REVISED 2ND EDITION by Dick Brown. The definitive book on bonefish fly tying has been revised and updated. Now with over 195 fly patterns (47 new patterns in this update) from over 100 veteran fly tyers, including such saltwater fly fishing icons as Jack Gartside, Jeffrey Cardenas, Tim Borski, Jim Orthwien, Steve Huff, Tom McGuane, Bob Popovics, Del Brown, Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Rick Ruoff, Brian O'Keefe, Chuck Furimsky, Randall Kaufmann, Craig Mathews and many more. Each fly featured has a close-up Macro photo, the authentic tying recipe, tying notes, fishing notes, prey notes and anecdotes (all from the fly's original creator) as well as the originator's biographical background. Also updated are the chapters on materials, sources, and prey research, plus Dick rewrote the chapters on fly design to reflect today's robust design activity in flats fly development with hot new trends (like glow-through loop-dubbed bodies, incorporation of bonefish triggers, application of flats-agnostic coloring, and incorporation of natural appendage movement.) THE BEST! Hardbound, 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" format, 304-pages.

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