Concise Handbook of Fly Tying

Item #KB117

CONSISE HANDBOOK OF FLY TYING A great little tying book for the beginner, and perfect for anyone's tying kit... Concise Handbook of Fly Tying... this information-packed little book is a pared-down version of the bestselling beginner's manual Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple, a fine choice for the beginning tier and a handy reference guide to pack in anyone's tying kit.

Five flies tied; tools, materials, hooks explained; many tying techniques presented... Five standard flies are tied step-by-step, with captions and photos, and all the basic tying techniques are covered in depth. Also, fly proportions, tying materials and tools, and hook design and selection are explained, and at the end of the book is a collection of even more fly designs to tie (thirteen additional flies in all). 40 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.

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