Productive Trout Flies For Unorthodox Prey: The Oddballs

Item #KB127

"PRODUCTIVE TROUT FLIES FOR UNORTHODOX PREY: THE ODDBALLS" by Jeff Morgan. Anglers are familiar with most of the oddballs-grasshoppers, Chironomids, damsel & dragonflies, baitfish, leeches, sow bugs, terrestrials, etc.; all of them are prey that have consistently proven themselves important to fishermen. Now they are the subject of a full-length angling/entomological evaluation. Morgan's in-depth information on these often overlooked food types will have you rethinking your tying and fishing, and Arlen Thomason's spectacular, realistic photographs will get your heart rate pounding. Lots of fly patterns, tying and fishing techniques. Softbound, 8 1/2" x 11", full color, 136 pgs

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