"THE Hunt For Big FISH" VOL-1 Dvd

Item #KD043

NEW! "THE HUNT FOR BIG FISH" VOL-1 with Larry Dahlberg. Larry is one of the most successful "big fish" fly fishermen that has ever lived. For the past 15-years he has hosted the popular Hunt For Big Fish television series, and here he has compiled an amazing 2-DVD SET of his most incredible fly fishing adventures including: Beluga Sturgeon in Kazaskstan, chasing Monster Marlin in Africa, the hunt for big fish in Venezuela, Dorado in Argentina, Nile Perch in Egypt, Zambezi river Tigerfish, Springtime in Alaska, 10,000 Island adventure, giant Jungle River catfish in Venezuela, Salminoids in the land of the Czars and Ghengis Khan, light tackle Billfish, and year-round tarpon in Costa Rica. If you can't go there this year, you can live vicariously through Larry's film. See how Larry adapts his fly fishing techniques from one species to the next. There's little doubt that watching him work his magic will inspire ideas you can apply to your favorite species. 2-DVD SET.

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