Sight Fishing Trout Rivers

Item #KD117

NEW DVD! "SIGHT FISHING RIVERS" - Dave and Amelia Jensen of spend three months a year in New Zealand sight fishing monster trout, and then return to their home waters of Alberta for the guiding season where they apply the same methods. In this visually stunning DVD they provide a solid foundation on the principles of sight fishing (trout spotting). Wonderful fly fishing footage, each scene laced with situational tips. Learn: How & where to spot trout in rivers; What trout look like in the water; Proper approach to the water; Factors impacting sighting; Using the secrets of trout's lateral line; Casting and line control; Proper positioning for sighting; and more. Even if your home waters don't have giant New Zealand-size trout, this video opens a door to visually fishing for trout of all sizes, and prepare you for traveling to sight-fishing rich locations. 65-minute DVD

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