Geofish PART-1: Mexico

Item #KD122

GEOFISH PART 1: MEXICO - Join Brian Jill, Chris Owens, Thad Robison and Jay Johnson on their first leg of a 7-year, 7-continent epic adventure. Hop in the truck (they converted to run on cooking oil) and ride along as they bridge the language gap, spend little money, sponge off the local delicacies and see if you can kill stomach cramps with a combination of tequila and lack of sleep. Trying their best to avoid break-ins, break-downs, break-ups and broken rods, join four fish bums as they cover 8,000 miles of Mexican dirt in hopes of finding out-of-the-way locations-with fish, and escaping with captured memories. Phenomenal fishing footage in some of the most remote, inaccessible places in the world. 102-minute DVD.

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