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30% OFF!!! LAMSON LITESPEED HARD-ALOX LARGE ARBOR FLY REELS - Updated and refined 2012 design includes ergonomics and structural upgrades. The spool profile is slightly flatter and the handle is moved outboard to keep knuckles away from moving parts; the drag knob has been redesigned for better grip. A futuristic look, ultra-lightweight design with the same strong smooth conical sealed-drag system as the WATERWORKS Force Series Reels. A wide range of torque and requires no maintenance. The maximum arbor-diameter provides the fastest line retrieve, low line-memory and consistent drag pressure-even on low backing. Rim control drag also. Machined from bar-stock aluminum and clad with Waterwork's ALOX armor, tougher than type-3 anodization but smoother to the touch and with much greater coating depth. Salt safe. Drag-knob and handle anodized black. Lifetime Warranty - Made in USA

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