Lamson Arx Fly Reels

Item #LA111

LAMSON ARX FLY REELS - ARX Reels are designed specifically for spey and saltwater fly fishers to cast a variety of lines with maximum control and reliability. The "full cage" frame adds strength and encapsulates the spool eliminating the typical "groove", preventing thin running lines and flat mono from snagging or escaping in critical areas. An ideal design for fishing today's Spey lines, Scandi, Skagit, and shooting head systems. Normally a configuration like this would do a good job at preventing line fouling, but would preclude palming the reel. ARX is carefully milled on the bottom third of the reel to expose a functional palming section. Even the drag knob has been designed to provide optimal grip without exposing a portion of the reel to line fouling. Whether you are two handed fishing or in the saltwater navigating big winds and fat fish the ARX delivers. LIFETIME WARRANTY. MADE IN USA.

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