Korkers "Omnitrax" Interchangeable soles

Item #LB142

KORKERS OMNITRAX 3.0 INTERCHANGEABLE OUTSOLES - Should you ever need to replace the soles, or if you'd like to add another outsole style to your collection. MEN'S WHOLE SIZES: 7-15. Per pair:

Felt Sole $29.99
Studded Felt Sole $39.99
Studded Kling-On Sticky Rubber Sole $39.99
Studded Vibram Idrogrip Sole $59.99
Alumatrax Sole $59.99
Svelte II Sole - Synthetic material that absorbs 5x less water and dries 4x faster than felt with superior traction $64.99
Studded Rubber - Ideal for extremely slippery aquatic environments. Replaceable carbide tipped spikes. $59.99

KORKERS AlumaTrax - LIMITED RUN malleable aluminum bar outsoles cut thru slime, grabbing rocky river beds providing the best traction available while doing the least damage to stream bottoms. This design is also boat deck friendly!

Starting At: $29.99

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