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NetStaff combines a fishing net, wading staff, and fly retrieval hook in one device! It's easy to store and carry and is readily available when needed. Check it out: AS A NET - Available in two sizes; for trout (9" wide) or salmon/steelhead (12" wide). Each net is 16" tall and is specifically designed to this length to optimize traveling in a standard suitcase. The rubberized net bag material is fish friendly and prevents hook snags. Net bag capacity and shape are crafted specifically to capture and immobilize the fish once netted, without harm. AS A WADING STAFF - Storage and access of wading staffs is typically difficult. But with its patented design, the NetStaff stores and carries in a custom, simple-to-use Gear Dock receptacle that can be installed on your vest, jacket, or pack. Carries on your back without any effort and when needed is quick and easy to use either as a net or a staff. A wading handle is on the net hoop opposite the net handle, and net shaft telescopes to 54" for the overall system. You don't even know it is there until you need it! AS A FLY/EQUIPMENT RETREIVAL TOOL - A built-in, stainless-steel retrieval hook helps you grab flies from trees and bushes or equipment dropped into the stream. EFFECTIVE CARRY & STORE SYSTEM - The carry-and-storage system designed for the NetStaff is part of why it works so well. When needed, simply reachreach behind and grab the net handle, push up to release it and use it to either net a fish or wade. Once finished just put it back with one simple motion. Each NetStaff comes with one gear docking system. Specify Color: (1)Green, (2) Brown, (3)Red. Specify Size: TROUT (9" wide) or SALMON/STEELHEAD (12" wide)

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