Templefork TiCr-X Two Handed 7/8 Fly Rod Conversion Kit

Item #LK101A

TEMPLE FORK TiCr-X TWO HANDED 7/8 FLY ROD CONVERSION KIT A most innovative concept... Imagine a two-handed rod and a 4-piece 9-foot rod that will fit in the same length case. TFO now has two lower rod sections designed to replace the single-handed grip section on existing 7 and 8-weight 9' 4-piece TiCr-X fly rods. With a total of 6 rod sections of equal length you can now have both, a great 9' 4-piece traditional fly rod, and a 5-piece 11' 3" two-hander for easy overhead distance or spey casting. CONVERTIBLE RODS! Offered separately from the 9-foot 4-piece rod, the TiCr-X two-handed conversion sections include a full two-handed grip with Flor grade cork and heavy-duty knurled reel seat, large Titanium Oxide stripping guides and handsome rod sock.

Two options here, the first is the Conversion-Kit w/ Rod Sock priced at $199.95. Add $40 and you get the Conversion-Kit with Rod Sock AND Aluminum Tube for a total of $239.95

Starting At: $199.95

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