Eds Favorite Seasonal Shirt

Item #PB100

ED'S "FAVORITE SEASONAL SHIRT" I like clothing with low to zero maintenance (wash, hang-dry and wear). I do my own wash and care, and I wear what we sell. I wear this great shirt from early Spring, thru late Fall. If there were a better shirt, I'd be wearing it. This is a Tech-Shirt that does-not blast "tech" in your face. A tech shirt you can wear every day for work, casual or fishing. FEATURES: No upkeep, wash let drip-dry and wear. Fabric is a light weight cool quick drying blend of 65/35 polyester-cotton. Two large Velcro bellows-pockets on the front, with a clever hidden tippet/leader pocket behind each bellows pocket. The long-sleeve models have the Swiss button that secures the sleeve when you roll it up. All of the buttons are slightly over-size buttons for ease of dress and undress. A no skimp full-size shirt, order your exact size. This shirt has enough class to be worn under a sport coat for evening wear, and I've done that. I've looked almost dapper in the "Lt Blue" shirt with a tie, or no tie and a sport coat for an evening occasion with my lovely at Destin, Fl and over to The Big Easy, and then wore the same shirt red fishing the next morning. SIZES: Small thru XXXL(BIG guys enjoy). COLORS: (1)Khaki, (2a)Lt-Olive, (3a)Lt-Blue, (4a)Dk-Olive, (5)Dk-Khaki

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