World's Lightest Mesh Fishing Vest

Item #PB157

World's Lightest Mesh Fishing Vest - It weighs a little more than nothing and is perfect for hot weather fishing. Packs flatter with less bulk, than any other vest made today. The two large zip-pockets on the front are big enough to hold our big DEWITT 18-compartment fly box, as are the two large inside-pockets. A total of 15 Velcro pockets, 4- zippered pockets, large back pocket for rain coat, zippered front, 3-utility D-Rings and a rod holder tab. A fine first vest or a vest for the casual fisher like mom or the kids. Or the perfect specialty vest for smallmouth or walk-in mountain brook trout, where you leave the vest loaded and ready to go. Color is a Medium-Olive in SIZES: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Starting At: $39.95

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