Regal Inex C-Clamp Vise (FHC-0)

Item #RE001

REGAL INEX Fixed Head C-CLAMP VISE - The INEX now features a Standard Medallion Head allowing you to rotate the head 360 to inspect the other side of the fly. Additionally it lets you take advantage of all the interchangeable heads and accessories in the MEDALLION SERIES of REGAL VISES.

REGAL VISES Famous the world over for their toughness, superior hook holding characteristics and ease of use. The powerful 'BULL DOG' gripping Head/Jaw design is available in a variety of configurations to handle most any hook size range. Simply squeeze the lever, place the hook in the jaw and release the lever. Hooks are held firmly in place. Lifetime Guarantee.

Starting At: $150.00

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