30% OFF! Sage "99 Series" Fly Rods

Item #SG111

SAGE 99 SERIES - These are DREAM RODS for both tailwater trout and steelhead/salmon fly fishers. High-stick nymphing and quick, efficient line mends make fishing fast currents and variable seam-lines nearly effortless. Specifically designed for fishing multiple-fly or indicator rigs, the 99 rods load lower down on the blank which can be interpreted as being a softer action than the Sage ONE series. This allows for a slightly slower line speed and more open loop that results in less tangling issues that are so common with multi-fly rigs. At the same time, the tip actually has greater stiffness. This ensures that the tip will not buckle under the weight of a multi-fly rig when casting. Guide size and configuration are specifically designed to stack mend efficiently, shake out/feed line easily and manipulate the line with ease.

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