Mckenzie Bright Light & Magnifier Combo

Item #SL004

SO HELPFUL: THE McKENZIE BRIGHT LIGHT AND "MAGNIFIER COMBO" One of the best "tying lights" I've ever used, at home or for travel. It's been on my vises since it came out (Bob). Home or away, we fly tyers need the best lighting available. And sometimes magnification. Both are offered here, together or separate. The machined aluminum fixture fits all 3/8" vise-shafts, C-Clamp or Pedestal-Base. The light is turned on or off at the vise. PRIMARY LIGHT SOURCE is a 5000 hour replaceable Halogen bulb. In a dark room, this lamp will light up the fly being tyed PLUS a 24-inch+ diameter of the working area. Comes with 6-ft cord and AC adapter, hooded-lamp (almost 2-inches in diameter) with 16" goose-neck adjustable arm, electrical adapter, 2.5x power magnifier with 16-inch goose-neck and adjustable arm. SPECIFY Silver or Black


Starting At: $149.95

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