Trout Beads

Item #TC001

TROUT BEADS If you've ever fished rainbow trout in Alaska, you know about TROUT BEADS. Now they're exploding in popularity everywhere for steelhead and salmon. EGG-LIKE plastic beads. "Peg" a bead 2-inches up the tippet from the hook. When you set the hook, the fish is hooked on the mouth every time, and not allowed to swallow the hook. We've added four Great Lakes specific colors (8-11) to the list this year. SIZES: SMALL(6mm), MEDIUM (8mm), LARGE(10mm) in COLORS: (1)Natural-Roe, (2)Salmon-Egg, (3)Cream-delight, (4)Ruby-Red-Roe, (5)Translucent-Tangerine, (6)Orange-Roe, (7)Caramel-Roe, (8)Hot-Pink, (9)Sky-Blue, (10)Chartreuse-Swirl, (11)Fl-Fire-Orange (SM/45-beads per pak), (Med/40-beads per pak), (LG/30-beads per pak)

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