Otter Soft Egg Material

Item #TC002

OTTER'S SOFT EGG MATERIAL Developed and tested in Colorado and the Great Lakes tribs with HUGE SUCCESS. Trout, steelhead and salmon grab these soft eggs and won't let go. STANDARD COLORS: (1)Tango-Pink, (2)Apricot, (3)Ruby-Red, (4)Kiwi-Chartreuse, (5)Tangerine-Orange, (6)Translucent-Blue. GLO-IN-THE-DARK COLORS: (7)Kiwi-Opaque-Glo, (8)Apricot-Opaque-Glo. NEW COLORS: (9)Salmon-Egg, (10)Fl-Chartreuse. FLASH COLORS: (11)Kiwi/Silver, (12)Tangerine/Red, (14)Tango-Pink/Silver.

FOUR SIZES: Micro-Trout(hook sizes:14,16), Trout (hook sizes: 10,12), Salmon(hook size-6) or Cluster (hook size-8)

(A) MICRO-TROUT 4mm "SOFT EGG MATERIAL" $3.95/24-pak
(B) TROUT 6mm "SOFT EGG MATERIAL" $3.95/20-pak
(C) SALMON 10mm "SOFT EGG MATERIAL" $3.95/20-pak
(D) CLUSTER 3-trout eggs "SOFT EGG MATERIAL" $3.95/20-pak

Starting At: $3.95

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