Trilobal Krystal Hackle

Item #TD001

100% TRI-LOBAL KRYSTAL SYNTHETIC HACKLE - Super-shiny, glimmering, clear-sparkle Tri-Lobal fibers (hackles) are attached to a tiny braided-thread core (stem). Hackles are attached to the stem on ONE SIDE ONLY allowing a "clean belt" for wrapping onto the hook-shank. The Tri-Lobal hackles catch and distribute light, with undulating, life-like motion in the water. TWO WIDTHS: (MEDIUM 5/8" for hook sizes-6 or smaller), (LARGE 1 1/4" for hook sizes-4 or larger) in COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Fl-Chartreuse, (3)Olive, (4)Olive Brown, (5)Purple, (6)Bonefish Tan, (7)Red, (8)Rusty Orange, (9)Shrimp Pink, (10)White/Clear, (11)Yellow, (12)Brown, (13)Grey/Minnow/Shrimp
$3.25/3-yd PAK or Any 3-PAKS $8.95

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Starting At: $3.25

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