Hackle Flash

Item #TD040

HACKLE FLASH This is the sparkly synthetic hackle wrapped on the DC DODGER tail section as the skirt. Mylar yarn that has individual strands of dyed Mylar mixed with pearlescent strands (1 1/4" wide) and attached to the core at a 90-degree angle making it as easy to use as winding on hackle. Great for skirts, streamer collars, "Mylar Speys", Woolly Buggers... the applications are endless. COLORS: (1)Green, (2)Olive, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Orange, (5)Fl-Cerise, (6)Purple, (7)Blue, (8)Rootbeer, (9)Silver, (10)Black, (11)Gold. 2-yd pak

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