Cct Body Fur

Item #TD042

CCT BODY FUR for bass, pike and saltwater tyers. Simply wrap the material on its edge like hackle (it looks like spun deer hair). Now trim to shape for beautiful, water pushing heads on bass, pike and saltwater streamers. Trim it tighter for heads on sculpin patterns or bonefish/redfish/inshore patterns. How about a super fast/easy crab body when trimmed top and bottom... yep. Nothing could be easier. COLORS: (1)Tan, (2)Silver-Gray, (3)Orange, (4)Red, (5)Yellow, (6)White, (7)Black, (8)Purple, (9)Gold, (10)Chocolate-Brown, (11)Lt-Olive, (12)Fl-Green, (13)Olive, (14)Fl-Chartreuse, (15)Fl-Fire-Orange, (16)Fl-Hot-Pink, (17)Fl-Orange, (18)Rust, (19)Olive-Tan (STANDARD 1/2" $3.95/lg-pak), (MAGNUM 1" $6.95/lg-pak)

Starting At: $3.95

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