Uni Clear Mono Thread

Item #TH009

UNI-TRANSLUCENT CLEAR-MONO Tying Thread is strong. Perfect for tying shrimp & squid patterns. Ribbing scuds or wrapping midge bodies. Pal Bobby Popovics "over-coats" it with epoxy, and the thread disappears. NOTICE: SOME ARE USING THIS AS TIPPET-MATERIAL for midge fishing. REMEMBER loop a SHOCK-GUM SECTION off end of fly line first. Then a 7-ft F-C LUCKY-DOG BUTT-SECTION (it stretches too). Then 24-inch tippet of this in "fine" (size "fine" is 8/0 diameter with 4/0 strength). SIZES: (1)Fine, (2)Medium (per spool)

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