Uni Stretch

Item #TH010

UNI-STRETCH NYLON-STRETCH THREAD You saw this used as the double-butt on the Dick Talleur's Conglomerate salmon-fly. Tye with this stuff in a standard-bobbin. Pulled tight, and it's like 6/0 thread, tyes flat. I tye a complete Partridge & Orange Soft-Hackle with it. Beautiful marabou streamers using it for both body and finishing the head. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Fl-Chartreuse, (3)Chinese-Red, (4)Fuchsia, (5)Green, (6)Fl-Hot-Pink, (7)Fl-Soft-Hackle-Orange, (8)White, (9)Yellow, (10)Olive, (11)Brown (per spool)

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