Faceted Tungsten Beads

Item #TL014

FACETED, SLOTTED TUNGSTEN BEADS Look like a disco ball giving you the advantage of extra reflective edges to catch the attention of fish. The built-in "slot" allows them to be used on hooks with more aggressive hook-bends. COLORS: (1)Gold, (2)Silver, (3)Copper, (4)Black. SIZES: (5/64", 7/64", 1/8", 5/32" $7.25/20-pak), (3/16" $7.95/20-pak)

SIZE CHART: (5/64" fits hook sizes-18 thru 22), (7/64" fits hook sizes-14 & 16), (1/8" fits hook sizes-12 & 14), (5/32" fits hook sizes-10 & 12), (3/16" fits hook sizes-6 & 8)

Starting At: $7.25

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