Senyo's Wacko Hackle

Item #TM077

NEW! SENYO'S "WACKO HACKLE" - Tye in a section on the top and bottom of the hook, comb out and you're done. Applied using a dubbing loop creates beautiful hackle imitating effects. This multi-strand flash material flows and tapers nicely on any Intruder, streamer or wet-style fly. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Blue, (3)Bright-Purple, (4)Bright-Red, (5)Chartreuse, (6)Copper, (7)Dk-Red, (8)Fuchsia, (9)Gold, (10)Green, (11)Pearl, (12)Pink, (13)Purple, (14)Rainbow-Mix, (15)Silver, (16)Smolt-Blue (4-yd pak)

Starting At: $3.50

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