Standard Rabbit Strip 1/8

Item #TR001

1/8" RABBIT HIDE STRIPS For tying the Scott Sanchez "DOUBLE BUNNY" in sizes-8 and smaller, PLUS zonkers, matukas, etc. These rabbit hides are SUPER-SOFT-TANNED, then "stripped" long-ways down the hide to produce the best possible "action" in the water. (1)White, (2)Charcoal, (3)Lt-Brown, (4)Chinchilla, (5)Red, (6)Natural/Grizzly, (7)Black, (8)Purple, (9)Olive, (10)Dk-Olive, (11)Yellow, (12)Chartreuse-Green, (13)Dk-Brown, (14)Salmon-Pink, (15)Golden-Olive, (16)Fl-Pink, (17)Fl-Yel-Chartreuse, (18)Crawfish-Orange, (19)Rust, (20)Golden-Variant, (21)Olive-Variant, (23)Fl-Fuchsia, (24) Flesh, (26)Peach, (27)Fl-Orange, (28)Fl-Fire-Orange, (29)Bright-Purple, (30)Baby-Blue, (31)Tan, (32)Gold, (33)Cream, (34)Steelie Blue, (35)Fl-Blue, (36)Silver-Grey

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