rl winston WINSTON LT-Series 5-Piece Fly Rods
rl winston WINSTON LT-Series 5-Piece Fly Rods

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WINSTON LT-Series 5-Piece Fly Rods

Item #: WN117

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WINSTON 5-PIECE "LT" SERIES TROUT RODS - We've teamed with Winston to bring a limited number of these wonderful rods back for the holiday season. With one of the most beloved 'trout' actions of all time, the "LT" rods fish like a dream. Beautifully crafted rods with that extra-smooth Winston "soul" that made them the favorite of thousands of fly fishers, including myself (Bob) upon their introduction in 1996. I fish my 4 and 5-weight regularly to this day. Constructed of third generation graphite, these 5-piece rods break down to briefcase size for travel, yet feel more like one piece rods when casting thanks to their hand-fitted spigot ferrules. The softer tip sections allow for easy in close loads, line mends and roll casting (plus tippet saving give), while the lower sections provide the appropriate amount of power when we need to reach out. Winston rates this series Medium-Fast action. Trademark translucent Emerald-Green blanks with nickel-silver reelseats and hand markings. Unconditional lifetime warranty. Hand crafted in Twin Bridges, Montana. Five models available for delivery by Christmas while supplies last.

AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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