hareline 1/4" Magnum Frostip Rabbit Strips
hareline 1/4

1/4" Magnum Frostip Rabbit Strips

Item #: TR015

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Black/Chartreuse Tips $4.95
Black/Fuchsia Tips $4.95
Black/Olive Tips $4.95
Black/Orange Tips $4.95
Black/White Tips $4.95


1/4" MAGNUM FROSTIP (FROST-TIP) RABBIT STRIPS - These strips have a black color base with white tips, allowing them to be "tip-dyed" in an array of colors. These are going to tye up some outrageous Double Bunnies, Zonkers, Rabbit Leeches and more. Colors: (1)Black/Chartreuse-Tips, (2)Black/Fuchsia-Tips, (3)Black/Olive-Tips, (4)Black/Orange-Tips, (5)Black/White-Tips


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