3D Plastic Beads
3D Plastic Beads

3D Plastic Beads

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Black $3.95
Fuchsia $3.95
Gold $3.95
Gray $3.95
Green Olive $3.95
Light Olive $3.95
Olive $3.95
Orange $3.95
Red $3.95
White $3.95
Yellow Olive $3.95
Brown $3.95
Chocolate Brown $3.95
Cream $3.95


3D PLASTIC BEADS - These 6mm beads are perfect for threading into the transition section on articulated patterns. They fill the void, keep the hook from fowling, and look amazing. Translucent outer shell with a GLOWING core creates 3D Bling. These are not countersunk, so I'm not recommending these for hook shanks. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Fuchsia, (3)Gold, (4)Gray, (5)Green-Olive, (6)Light-Olive, (7)Olive, (8)Orange, (9)Red, (10)White, (11)Yellow-Olive, (12)Brown, (13)Chocolate-Brown, (14)Cream (30-pak)

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