abel ABEL Nipper Lanyard
abel ABEL Nipper Lanyard

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ABEL Nipper Lanyard

Item #: HM734

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ABEL NIPPER LANYARD The AbeLanyard is strong, lightweight, comfortable and great looking. The lanyard cord is paracord, a lightweight Nylon rope used in the suspension lines of military and civilian parachutes. Bottom line: The AbeLanyard Cord is highly supple, virtually unbreakable and a joy to wear in every fishing condition. The swivel is a Sampo patented ball bearing stainless steel with a welded ring for attaching the Nipper. Swivel and welded ring are non-glare stealth black. Slider and cord connector are Abel machined aluminum with stainless steel set screws, clear anodized. Keeps your ABEL Nipper where you need i t - at your fingertips.


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