Advanced Streamer Fishing DVD
Advanced Streamer Fishing DVD

Advanced Streamer Fishing DVD

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'ADVANCED STREAMER FISHING' with Kelly Galloup - The long-awaited sequel to 'Streamer Fishing for Trophy Trout', 'Advanced Streamer Fishing' takes you further into the world of articulation and the techniques needed to master all types of fishing situations. Shot on location in HD, Kelly takes you to the Wind and Madison Rivers as well as the South Fork of the Snake in search of giant fall browns. Both dry and sinking line; flies, presentations and retrieves are explained and demonstrated in great detail. Learn when and how to use one line verses the other, and see what a difference a slight change in your tactics can make. Kelly's BIG FLY BIG FISH approach is catching on everywhere. In this action and information packed production, you'll learn the flies, casts, retrieves and other techniques (including vertical jigging, upstream presentation, and much more) that will give you a shot at the largest trout in your waters. 90 minute DVD shot in HD


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