Angel Hair
Angel Hair

Angel Hair

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$2.95 $ 2.95
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Red $2.95
Blue Ice $2.95
purple $2.95
Black $2.95
Grey $2.95
Gold $2.95
Silver $2.95
Copper $2.95
Olive $2.95
Peacock $2.95
Blue Flash $2.95
Fuchsia $2.95
Pearl/Gold Flash $2.95
Pearl/Green Flash $2.95
Pearl/Purple Flash $2.95
Holo Silver $2.95
Holo Gold $2.95
Holo Polar Ice $2.95
Brown $2.95
Rainbow $2.95
Orange $2.95
Bronze $2.95
Electric Pink $2.95
FI Yellow $2.95
Rootbeer $2.95
Brown Olive $2.95
Rusty Olive $2.95
Pearl Olive $2.95
Seaform Green $2.95
Pearl Peacock $2.95
Baitfish $2.95
Electric Yellow $2.95
Chartreuse $2.95
Lime $2.95
Dark Blue $2.95
Blue $2.95
Damsel Blue UV $2.95


ANGEL HAIR - A favorite for "winging" streamers, fresh and salt PLUS winging Clouser Deep Minnows. A veeery-fine material (like Flashabou but much finer). Packaged in 6"-8" hanks. This durable material lays nice and straight. Very supple in the water, when tyed sparse. Colors blend together beautifully. Great baitfish imitations trout to billfish. Also, chop and mix with your favorite dubbing. COLORS: (1)Red, (2)Fuchsia, (3)Electric-Pink, (4)Baitfish, (5)Electric-Yellow, (6)Chartreuse, (7)Lime, (8)Dk-Blue, (9)Blue, (10)Blue-Ice, (11)Purple, (12)Black, (13)Grey, (14)Gold, (15)Silver, (16)Copper, (17)Olive, (18)Peacock, (19)Pearl/ Blue-Flash, (20)Pearl/Gold-Flash, (21)Pearl/Green-Flash, (22)Pearl/Purple-Flash, (23)Holographic-Silver, (24)Holographic-Gold, (25)Holographic-Polar-Ice, (26)Brown, (27)Rainbow, (28)Orange, (29)Bronze, (30)Fl-Yellow, (31)Root-Beer, (32)Brown-Olive, (33)Rusty-Olive, (34)Pearl-Olive, (35)Seafoam-Green, (36)Pearl-Peacock $2.95/PAK OR Any 6-PAKS $16.00 NOTE: 6-PAK Discount will show as a PROMO DISCOUNT at checkout


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