Aquapac AQUAPAC 100% Waterproof Phone/GPS Cases
Aquapac AQUAPAC 100% Waterproof Phone/GPS Cases

AQUAPAC 100% Waterproof Phone/GPS Cases

Item #: AQ012

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$29.95 - $34.95 29.95 34.95
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STANDARD (fits iPhone-6 and Galaxy S-4 thru 6) $29.95
LARGE (fits iPhone 6+, Galaxy Note and Edge+) $34.95


AQUAPACK 100% WATERPROOF PHONE/GPS CASES - Highest quality 100% waterproof protection available for your expensive, and sometimes life-saving investment. Guaranteed submersible to 15-ft and keeps out the dust and sand. Use your equipment normally in the case-sound and signal pass right through it. GPS signal is unaffected, your touch screen works easily. Take photos and video through the ultra-clear optical quality LENZFLEX material rear window. Comes with neck cord. 3-yr warranty.


STANDARD (6 3/8" x 4 1/8") fits iPhone 6/7/8/10 an d Galaxy S-4 thru 8 $29.95

LARGE (6 3/4" x 4 1/4") fits iPhone Plus sizes and Galaxy Note 3-5 $34.95


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