ARIZONA Simi-Seal Dubbing
ARIZONA Simi-Seal Dubbing

ARIZONA Simi-Seal Dubbing

Item #: TM078

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$2.95 $ 2.95
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Black $2.95
Dark Brown $2.95
Dark Olive $2.95
Deep Leech $2.95
Golden Olive $2.95
Gray/Olive $2.95
Olive $2.95
Pink $2.95
Purple $2.95
Red $2.95
Reddish Brown $2.95
Black/Purple $2.95
Steelhead Orange $2.95
Black/Red $2.95
Blood Leech $2.95
Brown $2.95
Burgundy $2.95
Canadian Olive $2.95
Chartreuse $2.95
Crystal $2.95
Black/Blue $2.95


ARIZONA SIMI-SEAL DUBBING for tying the simple and deadly Simi-Seal Leech as well as many salmon/steelhead patterns and large nymphs. A course mix of natural and synthetic materials with just the right amount of sparkle. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Black/Purple, (3)Black/Red, (4)Blood-Leech, (5)Brown, (6)Burgundy, (7)Canadian-Olive, (8)Chartreuse, (9)Crystal, (10)Dk-Brown, (11)Dk-Olive, (12)Deep-Leech, (13)Golden-Olive, (14)Gray/Olive, (15)Olive, (16)Pink, (17)Purple, (18)Red, (19)Reddish-Brown, (20)Steelhead-Orange

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