Baitfish Emulator Flash
Baitfish Emulator Flash

Baitfish Emulator Flash

Item #: TU044

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Black $5.95
Fl Fuchsia $5.95
Fl Hot Pink $5.95
Hot Orange $5.95
Brown $5.95
Tan $5.95
Lavender $5.95
Yellow $5.95
Gray Ghost $5.95
Olive $5.95
Peacock $5.95
Pearl Baitfish $5.95
Purple $5.95
Red $5.95
Royal Blue $5.95
Fl Chartreuse $5.95


BAITFISH EMULATOR FLASH - FAST, EASY, GORGEOUS Clouser's, baitfish, or any minnow imitation. BEF fibers are 3-inches long and neatly secured to a tiny ribbon on one end. 80% of the fibers are dyed to rich, intense colors, the rest are pearlescent. It only takes 2"-3" of the BEF material per fly. Tye BEF in about 1/4" behind the hook-eye, make 3-4 winds one in front of the other, or overlapping, stroke the fibers to the rear and secure with thread wraps. Add a second or third color by simply laying more BEF over the top. Again, beautiful and more durable than bucktail. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Gray-Ghost, (3)Olive, (4)Peacock, (5)Pearl-Baitfish, (6)Purple, (7)Red, (8)Royal-Blue, (9)Fl-Chartreuse, (10)Fl-Fuchsia, (11)Fl-Hot-Pink, (12)Hot-Orange, (13)Brown, (15)Tan, (16)Lavender, (17)Yellow 1-yard pak (Tyes a ton!)


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