feather-craft Bill's Benchtop Slab
feather-craft Bill's Benchtop Slab

Bill's Benchtop Slab

Item #: RF029

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BILL'S "BENCH-TOP SLAB" by Feather-Craft. - This was a wildly popular item for us throughout the '90s, but we were cut-off in 2001 when the mfg decided it was too much trouble to cut the material to size and smooth the edges for us fly tyers. F-C team member Bill Hastings has found a new source! The BENCH TOP SLAB is made from a dull, milky easy-on-the-eyes material. Resists stains, epoxies, head cements, glues and lacquers. NOTHING STICKS TO IT. Simply scrape off adhesive build-up with your nail. Protects your tabletops. An all-time favorite. 12" x 12"


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