hareline Blend Your Own Custom Dubbing Kit
hareline Blend Your Own Custom Dubbing Kit

Blend Your Own Custom Dubbing Kit

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HARELINE'S "BLEND YOUR OWN CUSTOM DUBBING KIT" - Create your own custom dubbing blends just like the manufacturers do it. Forget about the coffee grinders and blenders that often tangle when using longer fibers, and especially forget about the messy wet blending methods, this unit is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over all of those. FASTER AND EASIER TO USE WITH PROFESSIONAL RESULTS. The Blending Board and Hand Carding Brush are made with commercial grade carding cloth that will last for years of daily blending. You have full flexibility to blend any natural or synthetic materials from tiny Mole hair to Yak hair up to 6-inches in length. Detailed instructions with photos are included, but it's really pretty simple; slap the materials you wish to use on the 4" x 8" blending board. Stoke against the grain with the Hand Carding Brush to blend. Run the brush with the grain of the Blending Board to release the material. Repeat several times. One batch will give the average tyer a years' worth of that particular dubbing blend. Keep your favorite formulas in a notebook for future reference. Kit comes with a sample pack of 6-colors of Ice Dubbing and 6-colors of Wool Dubbing, the Blending Board with Handle, Hand Carding Brush and complete instructions with photos. MADE IN USA.

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