Boga Grip - Standard
Boga Grip - Standard

Boga Grip - Standard

Item #: HP932

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BOGA GRIP - STANDARD - Cradle the fish, then lock the BOGA jaws in the lower jaw of the fish. YOU ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL, with less harm to the fish, and you. Then it weighs the fish for you. Use the "trigger sleeves" to open the jaws, then release the sleeves and the jaws automatically close. HARDER THE FISH PULLS, HARDER THE JAWS HARMLESSLY GRIP. Keeps your hands away from toothy fish. Stainless steel construction makes handling fish from 1-pound bass to BIG saltwater fish easy and harmless. A lifetime tool made in Eastaboga, Alabama. Don't confuse it with the "knock-off" imports that only last a season (or less). Less than 11" long. Weighs fish to 30-lbs. Holds fish to 60-lbs. For fresh or saltwater use.


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