bucks bags BUCK'S BAGS Alpine Pontoon Package
bucks bags BUCK'S BAGS Alpine Pontoon Package

BUCK'S BAGS Alpine Pontoon Package

Item #: UA050

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$995.00 $ 995.00


There is currently a waiting list on all Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats. Please call for availability.

BUCK'S BAGS ALPINE PONTOON PACKAGE - The ultimate stillwater fishing craft! The shallow-draft double pontoon system creates great tracking and minimal wind resistance. Our new "versa-frame" incorporates both anchor system and motor mount, allowing them to be used effectively at the same time with extra room for battery storage. Also includes a front stripping apron, deluxe tackle pockets, 6' breakdown oars and adjustable footrests. Rotary welded pontoon seams, vinyl bladders, high-output valves and powder-coated steel frame. 5 year warranty. Actual shipping charges apply.


Capacity: 375 Lbs.

Inflated Size = 96" Long x 55" Wide

Shipping Size = 52" x 24" x 10"

Shipping Wieght = 60lbs


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