bucks bags BUCK'S BAGS Mustang
bucks bags BUCK'S BAGS Mustang


Item #: UA059

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There is currently a waiting list on all Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats. Please call for availability.

BUCK'S BAGS "MUSTANG" FLOAT TUBE - The Mustang is constructed out of the finest materials but is simplified to make it more economical. The mesh seat is stretched tightly on our patented internal frame that provides both a comfortable 20" bench and eliminates the need for the traditional crossbar. The bow in the back of the boat helps you move through the water more efficiently. The storage pockets on each side are open and roomy with one additional pocket on top of the backrest.With a 42" width and 50" length, this boat is large enough to add a significant amount of stability. The shell is a durable 420 denier nylon and the internal bladder is 100% urethane. 5 year warranty. Add $10 over our regular ground shipping charge, ground shipping only. Weight Capacity = 300lbs.


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