Canadian Mohair Leech Yarn
Canadian Mohair Leech Yarn

Canadian Mohair Leech Yarn

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CANADIAN MOHAIR LEECH-YARN:This is the original Canadian-Brown, and hard to find. It's not our LEECH YARN FROM CANADA found in our 2006 catalog, but a different product. Finally ole' man Abox sent me a few dozen packages(he fishes most of the time now). This is the color brown that is Multi-Color-Brown. Rich, translucent brown with hints of olive. It's on a twisted thread, so it can be wrapped on the hook shank, then picked-out. HERE'S THE KILLER PATTERN: Put the proper size gold-bead just behind the hook-eye on a 2x long size-10 or 12 hook, like the DAI-RIKI #730. Tie in a short(1/2-inch) tail of sparse brown marabou, or no tail at all. Tie in a length of this Mohair leech-yarn at the end of the hook shank. Run thread up to behind the bead head. Wrap the Leech-Yarn up the hook shank in close wraps, to the waiting thread behind the bead. Tie in the Leech-Yarn with the waiting thread, and whip-finish. Now go back to the end of the hook shank, and with our F-C Curved Dubbing-Needle, pull out the Leech-Yarn that is locked under its own wraps. Do this all the way up the hook shank to the bead head. We now have a Leech Woolybugger. BUT LOOK: Off the end of the hook bend, run a Soft-Hackle DROPPER-FLY about 12-inches behind the Leech Bugger. The dropper-fly is the reason for the short sparse tail on the Leech Bugger(wont tangle with the dropper rig). Expect to kick butt with this rig. ANYWAY, the Canadian Brown Leech Yarn.


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