cortland CORTLAND LC-13 Lead Core Line
cortland CORTLAND LC-13 Lead Core Line

CORTLAND LC-13 Lead Core Line

Item #: FM013

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CORTLAND LC-13 Level LEAD-CORE Sinking Fly Line for making assorted length sink-tips that make 5-wt & larger floating fly lines into sink-tip lines instantly. PLUS LONG FAST-SINKING SHOOTER-HEADS. A full 30-feet is 390 grains! Nail-knot "loops" to both ends OR make braided-loops. Then loop to loop to the loop in the end of your fly line for an instant "sink-tip" fly line. About 2/3-foot for 5/6-wt lines. Up to 30-feet "heads" if you and your rod have the muscle. 30-foot spool.


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